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Welcome to Llige.org!

Llige.Org was created on 6 May 2008 to reunite the Llige clan which has over time dispersed all across the globe. All Llige kin are welcome here. 

For information on how to register for membership, you may email your details to: founder@llige.org or fill up the application form on this link:  

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Llige.org has evolved!

Users will find that their Llige.org features have changed, mostly for the better. Enjoy the usual services such as email, calendar, docs, voice and video chat. Now (for a limited time) you can call any landline or mobile in the US and Canada for free.  You can also access Picassa, and many other services.  

If you are having trouble finding your way around the new site, visit our Llige.org Relaunch Site for help with the new features.